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Hellebores on film

I just came across these three videos, made by Canadian perennials specialist Phoenix Perennials immediately before their annual Hellebore Hurrah!, which took place last weekend. I thought you'd enjoy seeing their huge range of hellebores of all kinds originating in both Europe and North America.




Phoenix Perennials clearly have an impressive range of hellebores, all of which are available to callers - stocks permitting. They also operate a mail order service in Canada only (at the present time), for a limited range of their plants (but including plenty of hellebores).

AND!!! Chek out this blog post from ace young horticulturalist Riz Reyes, about visiting hellebore breeders Ernie and Marietta O'Byrne. Such wonderful plants (and great pictures too).


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Dan The Gardener

Hellebore Hurrah is pretty much amazing. I enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad that they are operating in a mail order service :-)

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