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March 26, 2012


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so would these be organic seeds


Wow, would they grow well in zone six!? Our greenbeans were not that good this year =(

James Samuel

Are these a hybrid - or will they grow true to seed? Sounds like it might be the former.

Graham Rice

Yes, James, this is a hybrid variety and won't come true form seed.


Are these climbing? In ground? Wonderful

George Grair

Can they be grown undoors???

Garden Plants

Wow!! these are amazing cucumber plant. I love to eat this cucumber.

Margaret Tawale

From the outside this looks very like a Lebanese Cucumber - I know that you said there are no seeds.
Do you know if this is available in Australia?
We eat a lot of cucumbers!!!

Sandra Homemaker

Pickle them for later!

Vegetable garden

Wow! 129 cucumbers in one plant. That's a lot. I wonder how does it taste?


Wow, that's an impressive variety! When did she sow her seeds? Late April? Did she start them in the ground or a container? Does she use a trellis system or just let them grow on the ground?

Oh and you said last year she only got 40 cukes, but the next year 129. Did she switch varieties, was the plant that only produced 40 cucumbers a Socrates as well? Or did she change something else to get higher production?

Thanks for all the great gardening info, chris!


GMO? Is this healthy? Would this be considered GMO? Sounds wonderful.

Graham Rice

This is not a GMO, Jennifer. It's a hybrid developed in Holland using traditional plant breeding methods. Oragnic seed of this variety is available in the US from

I'm not sure when she sowed it, Chris, April would be my guess, but I assume that she grew it in an unheated greenhouse which would be normal in Surrey, England which is zone 8.

Yes, she grew the same variety the year before and was so pleased with 40 cukes that she grew it again - and got 129!


Think I will try it this year. Perhaps, create a trellis that is a tunnel to walk through.

James Mann

129 cucumbers from one plant is totally amazing to me. I have to give Socrates cucumbers a try.

Last year, my first year growing cucumbers I had more like two cucumbers per plant.

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Published last year

Bloom-Again Orchids

  • Award-winning Garden and Plant Stock Photography

  • Award-winning Garden and Plant Stock Photography

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