Coltsfoot: the bad and the good
The new RHS Plantfinder is out!

More on plants and gardening

It's time for another update on my online appearances elsewhere over the last few weeks. Lots of posts on new plants, a bear in the garden, and the launch of my brand new gardening blog for Brits. You can check recent posts here at Transatlantic Gardener in the panel on the right.

Simply Blogging with Graham Rice
My brand new blog for British gardeners hosted by the good people at Simply Seeds and Plants, one of Britain’s most exciting young mail order nurseries. There are even discounts for blog readers… Better check it out.
Tips to Beat The Great British Drought
Grow sweet peas - from plants

The Plantsman (the Royal Horticultural Society’s magazine for serious plant nuts)
The Flowering of Symplocarpus (skunk cabbage) With a picture of a black bear eating skunk cabbage at the edge our American garden.

Find out more about The Plantsman

Daily Telegraph
Looking ahead to the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen this summer:
Red, white and blue floral tributes
Plant a tree in celebration
Plant for a sense of occasion

Royal Horticultural Society website
Ten award-winning cherry tomatoes
Latest Award of Garden Merit winner – Iris ‘Starwoman’

Royal Horticultural Society New Plants blog
Miscanthus ‘Starlight’: New from Knoll Gardens

Runner bean ‘Firestorm’: New self-fertile bean from Marshalls

Skimmia ‘Temptation': new self-fertile variety

Top plants in the new RHS Plantfinder

Courgette 'Sunstripe': New attractive yellow striped variety

Irish primroses: New from Cotswold Garden Flowers

Strawberry Toscana: Colourful flowers and tasty fruit

Hydrangea Beautensia™ Spike: New ruffled hydrangea from Crocus

The Guardian
The Guardian also published my Tips to Beat The Great British Drought which originally appeared on Simply Blogging with Graham Rice


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