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November 12, 2012


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John Roscoe

Respectfully, I never would have thought of looking up perennials in this book, so the omission of 'salvia' makes sense to me. In that vein, including 'erica' or 'hebe' at all is a surprise.

As a young plantsman, nothing compares to Dirr's reference books for their rare combination of sceintific accuracy and common language critiques. I only wish that I hadn't save for so long to get the previous edition, just before this one was released!


I got a degree in Hort in 2003 and Dirr has been my go-to plant book since. Of course, you are right, not everything is included, especially since I now live in the NW. So I supplement with Sunset and other books. But Dirr is still THE source for all the info- I am a Horticulturist and designer so I need to know sizes, ornamental characteristics & cultural requirements too. I'm looking forward to adding the new addition to my collection.


The book must have so much information about the shrubs and trees. This is nice info for me..Great resources.

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Published last year

Bloom-Again Orchids

  • Award-winning Garden and Plant Stock Photography

  • Award-winning Garden and Plant Stock Photography

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