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March 01, 2014


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Chris C

Is that a ginko on the homepage? Seems an odd taxonomic choice, for a conifer society.

Sean C.

Hi Chris, this is Sean Callahan, the Web Editor of the site. If you go to the site you're likely to get a different background image each time. (There are over 30 different images that rotate on a random basis. Hit the refresh button on your browser to check it out.) I wanted to create the impression of something new each time you visited even if there is "news" only every day or so.

As for the ginkgo, which was up when Graham made his screen shot, taxonomists generally agree that ginkgo forms a clade within the gymnosperms, therefore it falls within the Society's sphere of interest.

Check out our database for more info on the gingko . Use the pull-down window on the left to 'Select One' of the dozens of ginkgo cultivars that ACS members are collecting.

And thanks to Graham for his thoughtful review of what we're doing here. - S.C.

Graham Rice

Actually, Chris, while Sean is right about the classification of Ginkgo, the experts are not 100% agreed as to whether Ginkgo is truly a conifer or not. But it's been treated as a conifer for so long - and is included in the huge conifer encyclopedia that I reviewed here recently ( - that it seems convenient to continue to treat as such.

And, after all, we've had quite enough other changes in classification to deal with recently so it's good to be able to leave this unchanged.

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Bloom-Again Orchids

  • Award-winning Garden and Plant Stock Photography

  • Award-winning Garden and Plant Stock Photography

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