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Beanie the horticultural Real Estate Sales Puppy – RIP

Beanie I’m very sad to report that Beanie, the real estate sales puppy, has passed away. For many years Beanie has been a much loved New Jersey Licensed Real Estate Salesdog at the long established Union New Jersey real estate office, White Realty Co.

Beanie was an Official Mascot of the office and also a member of New Jersey Association of Everything Chewers, a member of the National Association of FaceLickers, a member of the Greater Union County Board of Say-Hello- To-Everyone-In-The-World-ers and a member of the Garden State Multiple Wagging League. As such, she was also a Certified Therapy Dog, and gave much joy to the ill and elderly, as well as everyone who ever met her.

Beanie was especially well known for her horticultural interests. Even in her last days as she took my doting my brother-in-law David Weisbrod, a broker at White Realty Co, for his daily walk round the block she continued to show a keen interest in the local plant life – especially woody plants. She brought home specimens for more detailed examination every day and red and white oaks, Quercus rubra and Q. alba, were special favorites although red maple, Acer rubrum, was generally preferred for its lighter weight in the mouth. On returning home these specimens, often thoughtlessly referred to as “sticks” by those who should have known better, were subjected to further investigation on the front lawn. Beanie became a noted authority on the lignin content of New Jersey hardwoods.Beanie2

Beanie leaves a devoted lead holder, a loving family and a melancholy real estate office that had always been prepared with treats.

Sadly, this is one of several recent blows to the White Realty office as Bear, another of the office’s New Jersey Licensed Real Estate Salesdogs, has also passed away. A Member of the New Jersey Association of Bonechewers, a devoted member of the National Association of RugPotatoes (NAR), a member of Greater Union County Board of Hydrant-Sniffers and, of course, an Official Mascot of White Realty, Bear was also the sweetest, handsome-ist canine in the world. Bear’s horticultural interests were remarkably similar to those of Beanie.

They will both be greatly missed.