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Nursery in a snowstorm

Senecahillsnow3_1 Well, there’s been quite a snowstorm in upstate New York this last week, the Weather Channel reported this morning a suspected record of 146in (that’s over 12ft, 5.8m) in Redfield, NY and yesterday the New York Times ran a report on the situation in Oswego, NY. And that’s right where our friends at Seneca Hill Perennials have their wonderful nursery. They’re right in the middle of it – as you can see – although you could say they’ve been let off lightly.

“Amazingly,” owner Ellen Hornig tells me, “the greenhouses are still standing after about 2m of snow... the best part has been the steady stream of inquiries and condolences from friends near and far. But,” she sighed, “I see it's snowing again...”Senecahillsnow1_1

Have no fear, the nursery will be up and running for the spring shipping season. And, in the meantime, take a look at their smart new website – featuring an amazing 106 newcomers to their catalog. Specialist nurseries like Seneca Hill deserve our support - and especially in times like these.