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Anger on global warming - off the record

I've had a couple of angry emails - rather than public comments - from American readers about my remarks on global warming. Basically saying it's all a fuss about nothing and why am I supporting the unpatriotic lefty pinkos etc etc.

Well, the recent report was the result of a consensus amongst a large group of scientists - and so, necessarily, rather conservative; they all had to agree, after all.

Then the politicians waded in with the scissors. American political representatives cut this crucial sentence: "North America is expected to experience locally severe economic damage, plus substantial ecosystem, social and cultural disruption from climate change related events." It could hardly be more clear.

You can download the full report and you can also read this piece on the political and other influences on the science in the report, and in other coverage, from The Guardian.

Next time... back to plants in the garden, perhaps.


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Yes, I have been accused of 'raming' global warming due to humans down peoples throat - amazingly aggressive some - certainly not all - these Amaricans are on the Garden Rant blog. If one does not like what I say on
- you can ignore it or disagree politely.
Oh dear, no wonder there are problems in this World of ours!


Even though here in Minnesota we've had over a week of temperatures in the 30's F and have 4-7" of snow forecast for today through tonight, I am on your side. There is no doubt in my mind that humans are affecting the weather patterns, and if that makes me a leftie . . . . Well, I already was one, so no worries.

Ellis Hollow

Ironic that global warming is a lefty issue. Wasn't there a day when conservatism was synonymous with prudent and careful -- not profligate? The solutions may demand political action, but the science is pretty well settled. Let's start figuring out how to make the best of a bad situation.

I've blogged here about the effects of global warming for Northeast gardeners:


One thing I am not, is a lefty - perhaps in the UK, the Global Warming issue has not been associated so strongly with politics. Perhaps because we are a small island with a very variable weather, we realise there is something desperately wrong. Global Warming is an unfortunate description - weather change contributed to by human activity - is more accurate. We forget that the Sahara and the Gobi deserts historically have been created as we see them today, by our activities. The changes we created had huge consequences on weather patterns as we experience them now. In the arguments on Garden Rant (dear Jon!)no-one mentions the importance of the sea and its 'health', our most important carbon dioxide absorber. Amazing that this person was very happy to sacrifice northern Alaska - an extremely sensitive ecosystem and I have been to Point Barrow. If such people get into positions of power - God save us.

Ellis Hollow

William: On this side of the pond, they are already in positions of power.

Graham Rice

It was the private emailers, from both sides of the Atlantic, I think, getting steamed up and connecting this issue with a supposed attempt to overthrow capitalism!


Although ironically in the UK it is the Living Marxist group that was behind the Channel 4 program berating Global Warming due to human influence!

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