Chelsea Flower Show 2007: 1 (Saturday) - Looking forward to the show
Chelsea Flower Show 2007: 3 (Sunday) - What makes the show so good

Chelsea Flower Show 2007: 2 (Sunday) - Working hard on the exhibits

Beardshaw1_2Everyone is working away madly this afternoon. Some gardens are finished and the designers and can stand back, admire their handiwork, hope for a Gold Medal and have a relaxed conversation with journalists like me. Most are still working away.

Watering and finessing the plants on the Chris Beardshaw Garden, which celebrates the garden at Hidcote Manor. One of the finest of English gardens, Hidcote was created by an American – Major Lawrence Johnston.

Downderry1 Most of the plants are in place on the lavender exhibit in the Floral Pavilion staged by Downderry Nurseries and the plants already need watering.

PhysocarpusandsalviaThere are many new plants on show, including these two on the exhibit from Hardy's Cottage Garden Plants. Salvia patens 'Dot's Delight' is backed by Physocarpus 'Lady in Red'.

OK... I've updated you and had my coffee here in the press tent, I'd better get back to the show.


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i love the lavender garden! wish we were there with you both!

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