Chelsea Flower Show 2007: 5 (Monday) - Judging day
Chelsea Flower Show 2007: 7 (Tuesday) - Webcam vandalism!

Chelsea Flower Show 2007: 6 (Monday) - Royal visit

Queenhps After judging today, Her Majesty the Queen arrived for the Royal Visit. Guided by the Royal Horticultural Society’s President, she toured a number of Show Gardens and exhibits in the Great Pavilion in a distinctive rose pink coat with crimson buttons. She always seems to wear colours which stand out from the dark suits around her: primrose yellow one year, pale lime green another. The police with their sniffer dogs were seen around the show earlier and most people were cleared from the showground.

She really seemed to be enjoying herself. In the picture she’s seen chatting to two members of the Hardy Plant Society, whose exhibit celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the society.


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