Chelsea Flower Show 2007: 7 (Tuesday) - Webcam vandalism!
Chelsea Flower Show 2007: 9 (Wednesday) - Feud at the Flower Show

Chelsea Flower Show 2007: 8 (Wednesday) - More Chelsea info and blogs

Sorry about the lack posts here... I've been struck down by one of those knives-in-the-throat, hacking cough, blocked sinuses and aching muscles - just what I need to go with the feet that feel as if they've been pounded with a steak hammer. Fortunately, I've not got the famous "Chelsea flu". This is caused by an allergic reaction to the tiny unfertilized flowers which waft around from the many London plane trees near the show gardens and press tent.

And each of my three US radio interviews was plagued by technical problems and had to be cut short. Again, my apologies.

Anyway, to keep you going, here are few links to places where you can find out more about the show.

Webcam of the Great Pavilion
Webcam of the Show Gardens
Full list of awards
Full details of each Show Garden, with panoramas of each one.
Pictures of every floral exhibit in the Great Pavilion
BBC coverage of the Show
GardenRant guest post from William Hughes
Daily Telegraph blog from Ursula Buchan and others

Unfortunately, the RHS Chelsea blogs have been something of a disappointment, mainly owing to a chronic lack of posts, so I'll refrain from embarrassing them further by giving you the link!

Now, where's my cough medicine - or jollop as my father used to call it.


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I found your blog via Garden Rant, and am enjoying your Chelsea Flower Show coverage. But I wanted to mention that the last 3 links in this post are run together somehow, so I couldn't get to the pictures of every floral exhibit. Thanks, Leslie

Graham Rice

Thanks for mentioning that, LesieT, my apologies. All fixed now.

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