Animals and plants back at the lake
Eastern Phoebe

An unusual alien plant + more bears

Rosamulifloraboth500 On the way back from visiting new friends at WJFF Radio, the only hydro-powered radio station in the world, I think – they’re across the Delaware River in the Catskills in New York State - I came across two interesting things.

Firstly, especially after I crossed the river north into New York, the non-native Multiflora rose Rosa multiflora was everywhere. To be honest, it looks really lovely: attractive, rounded bushes, with close sprays of fragrant white flowers. If it was a native it would be a universal favorite – but it’s from Asia, and spreads quickly, so it’s an invasive, so it must be bad.

Rosemultiflorapink500 Then as as I drove through the torrential rain, I spotted a pink-flowered bush. I stopped as safely as possible in the downpour – and then the rain eased off a little as I walked back for the obligatory picture (and a piece torn from the root, which may even survive in the garden here.). The picture shows the pink one I spotted from the road (pretty, isn’t it - of course it may be a hybrid with a garden rose) there were also a few blushed white seedlings around as well.

Finally, just as I was pulling into our driveway – there were the bears again: mum and just two cubs. They were just lounging around, rooting about, scratching tree trunks - that sort of thing. I rolled down the window, took a couple of snaps, and left them to it. But the pictures, on an old camera and leaning across out of the passsenger-side window, are terrible! Sorry.