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The bears are back in town

Bearoutsidegarden500 Yesterday morning I was enjoying a relaxing cuppa with my friends Carry Akroyd (artist) and Gordon Monk (craftsman) in their lovely Northamptonshire garden with the birds singing in the trees when a call came in from Pennsylvania. My wife judy was calling to report another bear siting. No sooner had she got the bird feeders out at about 6.15am that morning than mother bear and three hefty eighteen month old cubs were after them. Eventually they were deterred and then, rather unnervingly, skirted the deer fence before trotting off into the woods. If they break the deer fence down the deer will get in to the garden and then there'll be no plants left to write about. By the time they were all driven off and the camera procured in the dim dawn light, only a photograph of moderate quality was possible. Soon, all the cubs will strike off on their own and then they'll be visiting individually - until the hunting season in the autumn.