Summer Garden Party in Northamptonshire
Wonderful new plant

A first glimpse of a new plant…

Lunariavariegated500 OK folks… here’s a brand new plant, as yet as unnamed, that no one has seen before… It’s a variegated form of the perennial honesty - Lunaria rediviva.

It was brought to the meeting of my RHS committee as we gathered to judge trials of Kniphofia, Aconitum, Verbascum and multiflora petunias at the RHS garden at Wisley in Surrey yesterday (yes, I’m back in England again).

It’s really dramatic and looks to be a great plant for shade, with fragrant flowers too – but so far it has no name, it’s not yet available from anyone. So please don’t email and ask where you can get it. If, in time, it proves possible to propagate and becomes available – I’ll let you know. There has been a different variegated form of this plant, ‘Partway White’, but the man who grew it, Bob Brown of Cottage Garden Flowers, says this new one is better. Do you like it?