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A rare centranthus

Echinacea price shock

Echinaceatwilight500 I was in a nursery in New Jersey the other day, just browsing around,… imagine my shock. Echinacea ‘Twilight’ – the price tag said $27.99! (That’s about £14.) OK… the two-stem plant was in flower (though past its best) in a big pot… but that seems an extraordinary price even in an affluent NJ suburb. The same nursery was just taking delivery of a batch of Lythrum salicaria ‘The Rocket – that’s a pink flowered form of… purple loosestrife.

The day before I’d been at a much smaller nursery, Catskill Perennials, where their echinaceas, in slightly smaller pots, were priced at $11 (c£5.50). That’s more like it. And the only purple loosestrife in that part of the world is in the roadside ditches.