Butterflies on verbena
Dark-leaved dahlias

Flower pouches

Flowerpouches500 I’ve always been a bit suspicious of flower pouches. These are the green bags that you hang on a fence or wall and plant up with trailing plants through the holes. Like a vertical hanging basket – sort of.

But on this week’s first visit to the trial grounds and display garden at Thompson and Morgan, near Ipswich in the east of England, I have to say I was impressed. In the picture you can see the variety of plants that do well: petunias, verbenas, even lavenders, and the superb new trailing viola ‘Friolina’. T&M are trying all sorts of plants in Flower Pouches, and their trials and display gardens demonstrate how well so many do. And they'll fit into the tiniest garden.Violafriolinagold400

The key to success is watering and feeding. For anyone with more than the occasional pot on the patio, installing watering where you just turn on the tap and the water drips into each and every pot – or each flower pouch – is essential. And it’s never allowing flower pouches to dry out that ensures they look so good.

You can buy flower pouches in the UK here

You can buy flower pouches in the US here