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Hothouseflowerscc My good friends over at Garden Rant have just mentioned my new venture in radio – and suggested I post here about my favorite music. Craig over at the Ellis Hollow blog does it so, I suppose, I could too. His Best Holiday Song Ever is well worth a look.

Well, I’m steadfastly eschewing horticultural music on my radio show (no Green Green Grass of Home) but if I can put together a whole show of good British bands with horticultural names that would be great! The Hothouse Flowers would head the list, I suppose – they’re Irish, but Ireland counts. Kate Bush…?


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Well graham I am surprised that you can find the time to do anything else! The only ones I can think of are the excellent "stone roses" and Holly Johnson from frankie goes to hollywood, I have a couple of brit bands with horticulturally named songs. "poison ivy" by the lambrettas, "flower of romance" by the excellent Public image and "Hong kong Garden" by the equally excellent siouxie and the banshees. Have a nice Christmas my friend

The Garden Monkey

Two more British bands with horticultural names are The Hollies and
Flowered Up.

Songs are much easier to come up with. Here’s just a few that sprang to mind

Green, Green Grass of Home - Tom Jones
Flowers In The Rain - The Move
Can U Dig It - The Mock Turtles
Build Me Up Buttercup - The Foundations
English Rose - The Jam
Carnation - The Jam
Lily the Pink - The Scaffold
Octopus’s Garden - Beatles
Kiss from A Rose - Seal
Peaches - The Stranglers

Andrew Turner


You should play anything (everything ?) from June Tabor's CD Rosa Mundi.

Graham Rice

Thanks you... Lots of great ideas there... Stone Roses, yes they're on the list.. and Siouxie Sioux - plenty of good stuff on her in the book Punk - The Whole Story edited by Mark Blake (DK Publishing). The Jam, The Stranglers, Flowers in the Rain etc... lots of great ideas. And June Tabor - I have some of her very old stuff, don't know Rosa Mundi... thanks for the tip... I'll get hold of it.

OK... off soon for today's show... some great holiday tracks lined up. Listen online at - the playlist and more will be at as soon as possible after the show.

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