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Grow your own holiday mistletoe

Mistletoecotoneaster400 Well, the season to be jolly approaches – though quite why we can’t be jolly all the year round I’m not sure… anyway… - with mistletoe soon to be hanging over our heads and a jolly kiss on our minds I thought I’d share this picture and point you to my article on mistletoe in today’s Daily Telegraph newspaper back in England.

This picture of the European mistletoe was taken back in England, in Northamptonshire. It’s a partially parasitic plan which attaches itself to a host plant from which it takes nutrients. Here, a fat clump of mistletoe is growing on a 12ft/3m cotoneaster in a shrub border and looks wonderful amongst all those red berries. Although apple trees are the favorites hosts, mistletoe turns up on a wide variety of other trees and large shrubs especially those in the rose family.

You can read more about mistletoe, and even how to grow it yourself from berries, in my article in today’s Daily Telegraph.