Trilliums on YouTube - and the GardenTime TV show

Gardening videos on the BBC

Bbcgswscreenshot Well, I said I was going to report on the BBC gardening videos from the website devoted to their Gardeners’ World TV show. Hmmm.

Well, on my Mac at least, they're disappointing: not the content, but the presentation. They have individual segments from the show which are streamed separately – not whole shows. But the picture is ridiculously small, the screen size is just 2.5in x 1.5in – what’s the point of that? Then, if you work out how to make the change (Control-Click on the image on the Mac), the alternative is “full screen” – which is so enormous that the definition is so bad it’s not worth watching. So the picture is either clear but too small to see properly or it’s enormous and blurred! Shame... there’s some good stuff there – and it’s technically good in terms of both the horticulture and production.

Come on guys, get a grip.

Anyway, take a look here.  See if it works better for you. Just click on Watch again. If you're as unhappy with the result as I am - at least there's plenty of other good stuff to look at.