Great new plants for shade gardens
Trilliums on YouTube - and the GardenTime TV show


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Just to let you know, Graham, I wrote a post the other day about plants on my covet list, and put in several links back to your posts on new plants. The post is at (I convert links to tinyurls so they paste easier.)

Remember all the hype a few years ago about Icicle Pansies? I see the website is still up and running, but no nursery I know of in NS is carrying them now.
I love pansies and violas of all sorts; they look like little cats, plus they remind me of my grandmother. And a bravely flowering Johnny-jump-up, in the unheated greenhouse in February, convinced us nine years ago next month that we needed to buy this property. So I let them free-range wherever they want in the yard, and they do brilliantly. They don't seem as inclined to slug damage as do the bigger pansies, either.

Graham Rice

Thanks Jodi - but I'm afraid your TinyURL link doesn't work - I think this one does:

I ike violas and pansies too - but the are so many of them! I've done a piece on them for the British magazine - Garden Answers. It will be out in about a week and is an overview of pansies and violas of all kinds. I'm not sure if it's going online - if it is, I'll post a link.

And Jodi's bloomingwriter blog is well worth a read... just click on her name at the foot of the comment above.

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