Transtlantic sweet pea plants
Must-have hepaticas

Winter clematis

This is just to say that you can read my article on Clematis cirrhosa in today's Daily Telegraph here.

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And another piece, on growing your own mistletoe, here.

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Hi. I live in California and arum italicum is the bane of my existence. It is without doubt the most aggressive, invasive plant I have ever had to deal with. Top that off with the fact that it is full of oxyalic acid, so if you have dogs who play amidst it, you chance poisoning your dog. It happened to me. My dog vomited blood for a week. After a $700 vet bill I do whatever I can (short of poison) to stay on top of this plant. Unfortunately once it is established it is IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of, so I am left with pulling it up yearly by hand. It has dug itself under sidewalks, etc. And thus it has claimed over time almost every single area of this large property. You might want to warn your readers.

Graham Rice

Kathryn... wow... I had no idea Arum italicum was poisonous to dogs. I'll look into it. And I know it's invasive in some areas - but it's also perfectly well behaved in many others, like here in north east PA.

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