Sparkling new, hardier coreopsis
Border phlox in new styles

Variegated alchemilla update

Alchemillavariegated-2500  Last year you may remember that judy and I found a brightly variegated form of Alchemilla mollis. Here’s the picture again (don't forget, click on it to see an enlarged version), you can read the story here.

Well, it was planted inside a fence to keep out the deer and I was eagerly looking forward to seeing if it retained its variegated foliage this year. I looked, the plants around were coming to spring growth – no signs of the alchemilla emerging. I started to check it almost every day… Hmmm… nothing. I resisted the urge to poke at the crown.

AlchemillaDead500 And now this is the situation – nothing. I’m resigned to its passing. No plant. It’s dead. Why, I don’t know. Perhaps I should have split it straight away and planted the pieces in different sites.

Next time I find something promising l’ll split it straight away and plant the pieces in different places!