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Daffodils: good intention, rotten result

DaffsonBank600 Back in England, I was driving home from the airport and these daffodils just made me so mad I had to turn round, go back and take a picture in the wind and the rain.

Now I’m sure the people who planted these daffodils on a wild roadside bank amongst native shrubs, perennials and grasses had good intentions. But isn’t there an old proverb that fits right in here? “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. That would be the one.

You wouldn’t line up diagonal rows of yellow buckets on a country bank but you might just as well. The result is pretty much the same. And I’d feel a great deal better about kicking them if they were buckets. And you wouldn’t plant daffodils in diagonal rows in a garden so why plant them like that on a wild bank?

They just look so… (and so on for another five hundred words…)