Hybrid hellebore on trial
Genuinely squirrel-proof bird feeder (it really is!)

Squirrel proof? You must be joking!

Squirrel inside caged squirrel proof bird feeder. Image:©judywhite/GardenPhotos.com I was so frustrated with all the useless squirrel proof bird feeders that I’d wasted money on here in the US that I brought this one all the way from England. It looked promising. As you can see, it’s just as useless.

When this squirrel tried to get out he got stuck half way – he was full of seeds, of course, and so a great deal fatter than when he went in! I had to hold the feeder next to a branch so he could grab the branch with his front paws – then the squirrel hung on while I pulled gently backwards until, eventually, he popped out and scampered away.

Now, after a year on trial, I’ve found the answer… The genuine squirrel-proof bird feeder - from Canada. Check tomorrow’s post for more details.