Rain, wind and new plants
Lunching and judging at Chelsea

Chelsea - the final flowers arrive

Daffodils arriving at Walkers Bulbs. Image ©GardenPhotos.com It’s six o’clock on Monday morning of Press Day at the Chelsea Flower Show. The only people in Great Pavilion are me, another photographer looking even more bleary than I am, a stern security guard with fierce looking dog - and Johnny Walkers of Walkers Bulbs who’s just arriving with his daffodils.

Yes, daffodils in May – fresh from the cold store. And they arrive on pallets, already arranged in their bowls ready to go on show on the blue coated tiered staging.

Outside, the gardens are besieged by the elite of garden photographers allowed in at 5am to shoot the gardens in the soft morning light. The crews building the outdoor show gardens always try to be finished by Sunday night so they’re ready for the mass attack of the shooters this morning.

But inside the Great Pavilion all is peace… This is great time to be here – everything’s quiet and you can almost hear the buds opening.

OK… quick coffee and back out to hunt down more new plant introductions. Seventy eight as of last night – and eight or nine more already this morning.


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I'm sure that all of that final flowers are really beautiful. Wish I can also go to that Great Pavilion to witness all that you been said. thanks


Graham Rice

Every gardener shold make it to the show at least once!

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