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Shameless orchidaceous nepotism!

9781604690552l My wife’s new book has just been announced. It’s called Bloom-Again Orchids: Tips and Tricks for Glorious Displays Year After Year by judywhite. The title says it all, really. And it's great!

People think orchids are difficult to grow and of course some are. But this book is about orchids which anyone can grow and which are readily available across America and across Britain in nurseries, garden centers and even chain stores and markets. They’re easy to find, and easy to grow. And of course they look fabulous.

So if they’re so easy why do we need a book about them? Well, it’s just like plants in the garden – hostas like shade and echinaceas like sun and they won’t thrive unless we give them what they need. Same with orchids, give them the light and the temperatures they need – no problem.

In a lively accessible style, this book explains their features, explains what they like, and gives a glimpse into their background. I looked it over as a work-in-progress, I can assure you it’s a great read. What's more, judy’s stunning pictures will make you want to grow every single one. And of course you can – with a little help from this book.

You’re probably familiar judy’s earlier orchid book, the multi-award winning Taylor’s Guide to Orchids. Be sure to take a look her new book.

Bloom-Again Orchids will be published in the fall. You can pre-order Bloom-Again Orchids in North America here, and in Britain here.

And check out judy's recent blog post about South African Disa orchids over on the new Timber Press blog.

That OK dear? You don’t think I’ve overdone it?

(Actually, it’s a really good book!)


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Well, shucks, honey, thank you for the shameless plug.

(It actually is a good book, if I do say so myself. I looked at a couple of the entries lately and laughed out loud at my own witticisms. Don't you love how you can crack yourself up sometimes? Teehee.)


Graham Rice

You just can't beat a gardening book with jokes. Ever read Foliage Plants by Christopher Lloyd? Sounds dull, but it's the book that made clear to me decades ago that garden writing did not have to be worthy and unremarkable - it could be fun!

Philip Voice

Whilst there is no doubt in my mind that any orchid is a wonderful creation I think they are all the more special when growing in the wild amongst a grass meadow.

Graham Rice

Yes... finding wild orchids in wild places is a real treat but so are the many triumphs of the hybridists' art that we now find on sale at affordable prices in garden centres and chain stores.

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