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Nell Jean

Funny, I blogged about Black Plants for Halloween, too in an amateur's way. I found your blog by way of Blotanical.

I've long admired Ms. White's work. We featured almost none of the same plants except for the Colocasia. I had violas, she had panolas. I forgot that I grow the lily, Blackout when I was gathering examples.

Graham Rice

Neil, you modestly fail to give a link to his interesting post - with more pictures. Check it out here:

And I'm so pleased to hear that you're an admirer of my wife's work ( - I know she'll appreciate it... when she emnerges from an afternoon of focused computer work she'll see your comment I'm sure.


Neil, thank you for the nice comments about my photos. Your own blog is quite right, that so many "black" plants aren't really; dark purple is more like it for most, anyway. I forgot about black stems that you mention. And I agree the black violas are about the truest blackest, except perhaps for the black Iris. Good companions are key, as you say - against something gold is really good.

I think our stock picture library,, had four images in Bonine's Black Plants book.

Karren Platt

Love the image of the Dracula orchid - quite rare to see images of this. Yes Viola 'Molly Sanderson' is the darkest black mat flower, some of the bearded iris - too many to mention. Please remember it's the variety of tones within what is termed 'black' that enables the gardener to create a 'black' palette and border.
Why not join the International Black Plant Society to learn more about these fab plants.

Karren Platt

Sorry missed off the URL

Graham Rice

International Black Plant Society:

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