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Starbucks-logo Back in the Sixties and Seventies there was standard way of comparing the cost of living around the world – you compared the cost of a Mars bar in different countries. Then we moved on and the Big Mac became the standard. Now it’s coffee at Starbucks.

Having recently been on my horticultural travels through airports in three very different countries – London’s Heathrow airport, New York’s Newark (Liberty International airport) and Cork Airport in Ireland – and having bought a Venti Latte from Starbucks in each I thought I’d compare prices – and convert them all to each currency (using the Yahoo currency converter).

London Heathrow     £2.60 = $4.25 = €2.83
New York Newark    £2.62 = $4.28 = €2.85
Cork                       £3.59 = $5.87 = €3.90

Well, the landscape in Ireland may be beautiful, the people welcoming and music great – but the coffee (and the cost of living generally) is high.

Next time - back to plants!


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I used to travel to Dublin regularly because of work and I can still remember all the brouhaha in their papers when they became oficially the most expensive country in Europe.

Looks like they still are.

Graham Rice

The problem is that at the bottom end of the scale wages are low so that there's a difficult disparity between the cost of living and incomes.

Of course writers (and other artists) are exempt from income tax in Ireland! Guess which writers don't qualify? - garden writers.

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