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Last ‘mum standing

It’s almost December and until yesterday, before the gales (and the power cuts), there were still two plants flowering well. Both are hardy garden chrysanths – not those horrid things like painted footstools that have been flowering since July. These are the toughies, and they’re taller and more elegant than most modern garden mums.

Chrysanthemum 'Nantyderry Sunshine'. Image:© ‘Country Girl’, in pink with white ring around the eye, looks battered this morning but the star is still ‘Nantyderry Sunshine’. This is one American gardeners may not know but it’s a star in Britain. The most recent in a small group of 24in/60cm, rather twiggy, small-leaved plants with neat little semi-pompom flowers – this one is bright yellow. It’s a sport of the better known ‘Bronze Elegance’ that occurred in the Welsh gardener of plantswoman Rose Clay.

Here in Pennsylvania it’s sported again – back to a single shoot of ‘Mei-Kyo’… which is the plant from which ‘Bronze Elegance’ sported back way in the 1970s. Too gusty to shoot a photo today – so I’ve included one from earlier.

Chrysanthemum 'Color Echo' = 'Will's Wonderful'. Image:© The usual star of this time of year – ‘Will’s Wonderful’ chrysanth – was completely killed by last year’s coldest winter in ten years. Very sad… The fact that the apparently identical 'Color Echo' was also wiped out just tends to confirm that the two are indeed the same. (That's 'NantyderrySunshine' in the background behind 'Color Echo' - click to enlarge.

Two Christmas roses also getting going – Helleborus niger ‘Joshua’ and ‘Josef Lemper’.