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Bloom-Again Orchids - the book for people who think they can't grow orchids

Bloom-Again-Orchids1 OK, first of all I'll come clean - I'm married to judywhite, the author and photographer of Bloom-Again Orchids!

So without eulogizing about how wonderful the book is... Let me just describe what it does and who it'll help. It helps people - like me, actually - who are nervous about growing orchids because we think we're going to kill them.

But first, she tempts us. judy's pictures have been exhibited at the Smithsonian so of course they're are stunning. They make you want to grow them all, and all the orchids in this book are varieties you can grow easily. Here's a slide show of pictrures from the book.

Orchid Stock Images from Bloom-Again Orchids - Images by GardenPhotos .com

And they're easy to find in stores, too. judy visited Home Depot, WalMart and Lowes and local nurseries - I know, I went with her - and also checked on the varieties on sale in other parts of the country. From all these she picked out those varieties we can all grow and all get to flower again and again without special care. She wanted only to write about orchids we can all get easily without having to spend a fortune at a specialist mail order supplier, and only those we can all get to bloom again and again.

Judywhite:Bloom-Again Orchids Of course, they need care and attention so she explains just what each needs, in an easy and engaging style and with the help of some simple checklists. And judy (left, click to enlarge) should know, as well as being a former Trustee of the American Orchid Society she's also the author and photographer of the award-winning Taylor's Guide to Orchids.

So there you have it. An inexpensive book about orchids which we can all find in your local store or nursery and which we can all get to bloom again and again. Simple, really.

You can order Bloom-Again Orchids in North America here

You can order Bloom-Again Orchids in Britain here (and for Brits: Home Depot, Lowes and WalMart = B&Q, Homebase and Asda)

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Ellie Green

I saw this book in the bookshop and it looked perfect for my orchid-aspirational family for Christmas gifts. So I went online and ordered three copies - plus one for myself. Can't wait!

Graham Rice

Thanks Ellie - I'm sure you and your family will enjoy the books. I'll pass the good news on to judy.


I will definitely be picking up her book. I need all the help I can get with these plants!

Graham Rice

Thanks Clint, I'm sure the book will provide all the help you need.

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