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Christmas morning in the digital age

Christmas morning in the digital age. In bed with the laptops. Image © Do not reproduce without permission. On 12/25/09 8:07 AM, G Rice wrote:
Merry Christmas, precious.
On 12/25/09 8:08 AM, J White wrote:
And a Happy Christmas to you, honey. Did you see the wild turkeys go by the window?
xxoo j

On 12/25/09 8.10 AM, G Rice wrote:
I did! And they were looking much more plump than last time we saw them. Must be all that spilled bird seed. Just was well for them that we're mostly vegetarian

On 12/25/09 8:14 AM, J White wrote:
Speaking of eating, let's not forget to take the salmon for Christmas dinner out of the fridge. And Mr. Duffy is getting a bit cranky that nobody's given him his special expensive holiday cat food. He said he's going to take off the bow if something good doesn't happen pretty damn soon.
xxoo j

On 12/25/09 8.16 AM, G Rice wrote:
Oh no, you don't think he'll rush off and tear down the Christmas tree do you?
G  x

On 12/25/09 8.18 AM, J White wrote:
Bad things DO come in threes; I've been waiting for the third shoe to drop ever since the laptop disaster and the vomit on the furniture...

Would you get me a cup of tea when you get a chance?
xxoo j

On 12/25/09 8.21 AM, G Rice wrote:
Or something stronger? It is Christmas, after all.

On 12/25/09 8.23 AM, J White wrote:

Good idea. Forget the tea. Where's the vodka?
xxoo j

On 12/25/09 8.24 AM, G Rice wrote:

Ho Ho Ho!

[Notice we're wearing our traditional British holiday headgear - paper crowns for G&j and a gold bow for Mr Duffy - from the earliest possible moment on Christmas morning.]


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