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Buddleja 'Buzz Magenta' - bad Photoshop job. Image: ©Thompson & Morgan The good people at Thompson & Morgan in Britain recently sent me a press release about their new plant catalogue (launching in a couple of days). And full of exciting new varieties it is – 80 in all. And they also sent a picture of one of their splendid new buddlejas.

I wrote these up over on my RHS New Plants blog in June. I also discussed here the fact that their picture shows a collection of cut branches arranged in a terracotta pot – not a plant actually growing in a pot! But then when I saw the (very large) image they sent me this time I noticed something else – the pot is hovering in mid air! Hooray for Photoshop!

The trouble with all this is if they can’t just provide a picture of the plant growing in a pot and looking great – it makes people suspect that the plant is not as good as they say it is. T&M do a great job at their trials, demonstrating a vast range of container plants thriving in their containers. Can’t we see these buddlejas doing the same?

I’ve highlighted examples from other companies in the past. Anyone got any more?


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Pat FitzGerald

Excellent point made Graham well done for this! A picture may speak a thousand words. The old saying was long before PhotoShop.

Graham Rice

Thanks Patrick. And if you spot any more of them please let me know and I'll feature them here. Let's keep catalogues true!


I think (NSFW) needs to do a horticultural edition. The work on that pot is incredibly amateurish.

Graham Rice

I just hope that my bashing on about all this inspires nurseries and seed companies to do better. And this shot may be too crude even for Photoshop Disasters!

Ellie Green

It is remarkable how many different coloured lupins will grow on just one plant.

Graham Rice

Thanks, Ellie, and here's another one from the same supplier - Cut branches of cephalanthus stuck in a pot:

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