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Lighter-than-air terracotta pot

Buddleja 'Buzz Magenta' - bad Photoshop job. Image: ©Thompson & Morgan The good people at Thompson & Morgan in Britain recently sent me a press release about their new plant catalogue (launching in a couple of days). And full of exciting new varieties it is – 80 in all. And they also sent a picture of one of their splendid new buddlejas.

I wrote these up over on my RHS New Plants blog in June. I also discussed here the fact that their picture shows a collection of cut branches arranged in a terracotta pot – not a plant actually growing in a pot! But then when I saw the (very large) image they sent me this time I noticed something else – the pot is hovering in mid air! Hooray for Photoshop!

The trouble with all this is if they can’t just provide a picture of the plant growing in a pot and looking great – it makes people suspect that the plant is not as good as they say it is. T&M do a great job at their trials, demonstrating a vast range of container plants thriving in their containers. Can’t we see these buddlejas doing the same?

I’ve highlighted examples from other companies in the past. Anyone got any more?