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Acacia baileyana,mimosa,wattle Image: © Do not reproduce in any way without permission. One of the first things I do when I get back to England is check out the acacia that’s growing near my daughter’s house in south London. It’s 12-15ft high and is planted in the grounds of the local school – but this is first year I’ve actually been here at just the right time to actually see it flower. It’s quite a sight.

And it’s a sign of how the climate’s has changed. When I was training at Kew Gardens decades ago, the acacias were either growing in a greenhouse or trained against a sunny wall. Now, only about ten miles from Kew, this one is thriving outside and last winter - one of the coldest for a very long time – does not seem to have hurt it at all.

And it really is quite a spectacle.


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Claire Brown

impressive and also shows the micro climate that London has, as those in Surrey suffered badly last year & 2 in client gardens didn't make it through to this winter.


I love acacias. The scent is to die for. They flower in February here in northern California.

Graham Rice

Yes Claire, Ian Hodgson (editor of The Garden) tells me knows of a couple of others in the south London suburbs. But it was very striking that it seemed completely untouched by the winter. Interestingly, a Solanum laciniatum further along the same border had been cut back from about 6-7ft last summer to a 2ft stump - which was starting to regrow.

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