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Bloom-Again Orchids wins award

Bloom-Again Orchids,judywhite,GWA,Garden Writers Association, awardBloom-Again Orchids, by judywhite, has won the Silver Award of Achievement for book writing from the Garden Writers Association in America. The book now goes on for consideration for the Gold Award, announced in September. What's more, the book has already been re-printed and it only came out at the end of November. As the proud husband leading the cheering crowd: Hooray!

Find out more at the  Bloom-Again Orchids website


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Yvonne @ country gardener

Congratulations on the book's success!

Graham Rice

Thanks Yvonne. The thing about these awards is that they're judged by the best garden writers in the country. So if you win - it's because the best think you're the best.


Wow! Congratulations. I'll surely check the link you gave.

Graham Rice

Thanks Patrice, I'm sure you'll like the book.


So proud of judy's accomplishments! What a handsome and successful couple you BOTH make!

flowers to Philippines

Congratulation for the books it is deserving for the success. Keep up the goos work!



I'll go look for it. Congratulations to judy!

Terri A.

Congrats! I have read this book and it is phenomenal. It has helped me accomplish a lot with my flowers. Good luck on the next round! If any orchid enthusiasts want to check out my new site, I have posted my orchid knowledge as well as a free 10 step guide to orchid growing.

I will definitely post a link to Judy's page, Congrats again!

:) Happy Orchid Growing

Graham Rice

So glad you like the book, Terri. I'll check out your site.

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