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My new book: Planting the Dry Shade Garden

Planting The Dry Shade Garden by Graham Rice (Timber Press) I have a new book out next month! The top-selling American garden writer Tracy DiSabato-Aust says about it: "Graham Rice will take your dry shade garden from ho-hum to hip-hip-hooray." Well, there's a quote for you!

Planting The Dry Shade Garden, published by Timber Press, fearlessly tackles the most difficult situation in the garden, the place that makes gardeners despair and want to move house, or give up gardening and take up bridge – that dry and shady place where you think nothing will grow. Well, think again. Don't assume it's no better than the ideal site for the shed. I've put together a whole book full of plants that will do well in dry shade and bring beauty to your garden.

I've also laid out some simple guidance on how to make dry shade both less dry and less shady. These are basic things you can do to expand the range of plants you can grow in dry shade.

So combining simple steps to improve the situation with a smart choice of plants, dry shade ceases to be a problem and becomes another area of your garden that you can make beautiful. Planting The Dry Shade Garden explains how.

The photography in the book is mainly the work of award-winning photographer judywhite so not only is the book packed with good advice, but the pictures reveal the beauty of the plants you can grow.

The book is published by Timber Press in North America on 16 August 2011 and Britain on 1 September 2011. Please check out the book's North American website at DryShadeGarden.com and its British website at DryShadeGarden.co.uk. And why not place an advance order at amazon.com or amazon.co.uk and receive the book as soon as possible when it's published?


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Kathryn Marsh

Drat, going to have to move the shed.


The amazon wishlist grows yet again!

I just so happen to have an area under a Cedar tree currently occupied (quite prettily) by huge qualtities of Vinca ... hmm time for a dry shade border I think.

Helen at Toronto Gardens

Bless you, Graham! And thank you Timber Press!

Graham Rice

Move the shed, yes! Well, Kathryn, you can always keep the tools in the, err, closet - just throw those clothes in the corner.

Graham Rice

Under cedars can be tricky, Libby, as those elegant branches often sweep so low to the ground. But if vinca survives, so will many other dry shade plants.


Wow, I have read a while back in your post that your book is coming out soon. This is awesome. Great job, I am sure that the book is full of useful tips on shade gardening.

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