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Hurricane, voles and the gas pipeline

Hurricane... We still have no power

It rained and it rained... The lake is 2-3ft higher than it was the day before... The little stream that runs through the corner of our property and is usually about 6in deep rose to 4-5ft and is now back close to normal. Two trees came down but not, thank goodnes, on the house.

Our power went out at lunch time on Sunday and the latest update from the extraordinarily uncommunicative electricity company is that it may be some time over this coming weekend before it's reconnected. This is part of the reason why.


So... after a 60 mile round trip yesterday to get ice for the freezer and fridge... Today we've found a coffee shop with both power and wifi - and bursting with people at their laptops.

If you're expecting a reply to an email... I apologise, I'll get to it as soon as I posibly can! But now we have to go get supplies and the shops are full of people like us whose food is starting to drip out of the bottom of the freezer!

But considering what many many other people are suffering - and with rivers still rising as the flood water fills them and then disastrously overspills their banks - we got off lightly.



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Apel Mjausson

Thanks for the update, Graham. Hope things get back to normal soon for you and judy white!


Hi - Sorry you're without power. We live in Michigan but we're in Connecticut on Saturday morning and drove west during the day, just beyond the reach of the storm. If you don't mind my asking, are you in Vermont?

Graham Rice

We're in north east Pennsylvania, Emmon, and power is now back - mostly. It's been much worse in parts of New York, Vermont and Connecticut. We had it bad, but we got off lightly.


Glad to hear your power is back on! We were in one of the lucky pockets around Albany where the power didn't go out. Friends & family nearby weren't so lucky. What a storm.

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