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The latest new plants

Heuchera 'Magnum', huge leaves. Images ©Thierry Delabroye.
I’ve been covering some exciting new plants recently over on my Royal Horticultural Society’s New Plants blog. Although some, of course, are already available in the North America these are all plants that have become available in Britain recently. Just click on the links to see the original blog post in a new window.

Antirrhinum ‘Eternal’ – variegated snapdragon with pink flowers
Buddleja Miss Ruby (‘NC2003-22’) – new reddest-yet buddleia with no self sown seedlings
Clematis Queen Mother ('Zoqum') and 'Sweetheart' – with intriguing flower shapes
Elaeagnus x ebbingei ‘Viveleg’ – a dramatic new variegated elaeagnus
Exochorda ‘Niagara’ – more flowers and a better habit
Heuchera ‘Magnum’ (above, click to enlarge) - the biggest leaves yet?
Hosta ‘Captain’s Adventure’ – with tricolored foliage
Pear Hunbug ('Pysanka') Image ©Pomona Fruits Hydrangea ‘Expression’
('Youmesix') – a double-flowered rebloomer
Hydrangea Invincibelle Spirit ('Ncha1) – like a pink version of old favorite ‘Annabelle’
Muscari ‘Pink Sunrise’ – the first pink-flowered grape hyacinth
Pear ‘Humbug’ ('Pysanka') (left, click to enlarge) – a striped pear from Ukraine
Populus deltoides ‘Purple Tower’ – narrow purple leaved tree
Salvia ‘Wendy’s Wish’ – vivid new hybrid salvia for the summer
Sambucus Black Tower (‘Eiffel 1’)– a black-leaved elder with a vertical habit
Viola ‘Bunny Ears’ (below, click to enlarge) – a new flower form in violas

Check out the news on the latest new plants on my Royal Horticultural Society’s New Plants blog.

Viola Bunny Ears, new from Mr Fothergill. Images © Mr Fothergill's Seeds