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Book Bullet: Crocuses - A Complete Guide

CrocusesThis imperious volume is an exhaustive and profusely illustrated account of Crocus species in the wild and in gardens. Based on the author’s own studies of crocuses in the wild, and his experiences growing them in his Latvian garden, it’s the wild species – about a hundred of them - which take precedence.

The detail given over both to the place of these species in their natural habitat and to how to grow them well is rich and fascinating and the three hundred pictures are invaluable. But, like the recent book on Phlox from the same publisher, with the focus on wild species many popular cultivars receive minimal treatment.

Nevertheless, this is an extraordinary book and testament to the enthusiasm and insight of a great plantsman.

  • Comprehensive overview of Crocus species and how to grow them
  • Three hundred excellent colour pictures

Crocuses: A Complete Guide to The Genus by Janis Ruksans is published by Timber Press.



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