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Book Bullet: Tuberous Begonias - An Essential Guide

TuberousBegoniasJacketTuberous Begonias are amongst the most flamboyant of flowers, their impact from a distance is dramatic, yet close inspection reveals a wealth of detail.

Top exhibitor Jack Larter has written a book packed with the practical advice that exhibitors appreciate to help them grow better blooms, with plenty of good pictures of growing techniques and the resulting flowers in all their glory. For new as well as experienced exhibitors this book is invaluable. North American readers may be unfamiliar with some of the products and techniques but they'll find plenty of valuable new ideas.

But in recent years there’s been a massive growth in the use of new types of tuberous begonias for containers, the Million Kisses Series for example, mostly based on Begonia boliviensis. This is a short book, so it would have been good to fit them in. But for growers of flamboyant traditional begonias this is a very useful book.

  • Excellent detailed advice on growing and showing
  • Plenty of good pictures of the plants and growing techniques

Tuberous Begonias: An Essential Guide by Jack Larter is published by Crowood Press.



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