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In the family: His Emporium

His Emporium: Offering Vintage and Antique Gifts for Men. Image © His EmporiumThis is the first of an occasional series of posts looking at what the rest of the family is up to online. I just thought you'd be interested to see that gardening is only part of it, and that almost everyone else seems to have bypassed horticulture entirely - but it adds up to an impressive collection of enterprises.

The latest to hit our screens is His Emporium (click to enlarge the front page), an online source of unusual vintage and antique gifts for men. It’s run by my daughter Lizzie and son-in-law Carl, with an equal measure of assistance and impediment from their toddler Monty and the benign tolerance of Piccola the little black cat.
Marilyn Munroe prints by Andy Warhol (click to enlarge)
They sell none of those gadgets that marketing people seem to assume are the only things in which men are interested. No, His Emporium features carefully chosen vintage and antique gifts for men including: Andy Warhol’s prints of Marilyn Monroe (right, click to enlarge); some impressive vintage watches; “naughty” playing cards; Christmas issues of the classic British country magazine The Field from the 1970s; hip flasks and antique decanters and glasses; retro cigarette lighters, and even a very rare vintage Manchester United lamp which is probably from the 1970s (below, click to enlarge).

You get the picture? The range is astonishing, and it’s all good quality and at a fair price. What's more, they’re offering free UK delivery on everything during December. Don’t you just love a bargain?

Vintage Manchester United lamp © His EmporiumAs well as being a great source of unusual gifts in Britain, His Emporium is a great site for family and friends around the world to use to send gifts to British men – without the cost of international shipping.

OK, she’s my daughter – what do you expect me to say?! But trust me, if they didn't have a great selection of really special gifts I wouldn't be posting about the site at all. This is a gardening blog, after all!

So, if you’re looking for an unusual vintage gift for a man in your life start at His Emporium.


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I really like the hip flasks and the fifties lighters on this site - and that table lamp is wild. (Though I'm a City fan so I will not be ordering it.) I have a big collection of The Field magazine from when I lived in Shropshire and those old Christmas issues they have are fascinating.

Catriona Tudor Erler

What a clever idea for a business! I find it so hard to find gifts for men. This is perfect. You must be proud!

Graham Rice

Yes, you're right Catriona, it's a very clever idea. And I'm very pleased to say that they're doing well - and sending stuff all over the world.

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