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Book Bullet: The Art of Creative Pruning by Jake Hobson

Review: The Art of Creative Pruning by Jake Hobson ISBN:9781604691146lEven coming from England, where topiary of one sort or another is everywhere - ranging from wobbly yew pillars and neat box balls to leaping racehorses and steam trains (yes, really) – this book is an eye opener. The range of pruning artistry developed around the world is amazing.

But this is not just a book about topiary – which I suppose is usually thought of as clipping trees and shrubs into shapes. It’s also about thoughtful pruning to enhance the grace of plants without pushing them into forms which some say are simply unnatural. The elegance of conifers or wall trained fruit, for example, can be enriched by the styles of thoughtful pruning this book explains.

I have to say, I hate clipping hedges. It’s my least favorite job in the garden. But I love pruning, in fact my very first book was on pruning. And this intriguing and book is full of great ideas for both approaches.

The Art of Creative Pruning by Jake Hobson is published by Timber Press.

  • The creative side of pruning and training thoughtfully explained and beautifully illustrated.
  • A refreshingly international view.



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Rob (OurFrenchGarden)

I've a copy of this book and can recommend it.

An international take it is, all the way to Japan where they produce some jaw 'dropping' topiary.


Looks great! Thanks,Graham... I, too, enjoy pruning and dislike hedging... although I do feel for the plants as I prune them "now this is for your own good, you will look gorgeous"


To echo the comment from Lilith, looks great, now added to my Amazon wish list!

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