Roadside natives 1: An impressive Smilacina
Last night's visitor

Roadside natives 2: Unexpected irises

Local wild Iris versicolor in a variety of shades. Image ©
On the way to the Smilacina/Maianthemum I wrote about last time, in an open area on the other side of the same road, is a patch of Iris versicolor. This one I have definitely spotted before, in a soggy patch (kneeboots required) about 30ft/9m from the road but easily visible.

In years past the plants seemed all pretty much the same shade, but this year they are strikingly different. Perhaps I’d become a little blasé and just not noticed how the clump had developed and changed but take a look at the picture (above, click to enlarge).

Sorry I didn’t have my boots with me and couldn’t get any closer, but I thought I’d better take a quick pic. But actually this view (click to enlarge) shows the variability better. Dark blue plus various pale and bicolored forms… This is exactly the sort of variation that leads to new varieties being introduced to gardens. Hmmm… Definitely worth a closer look. I’ll go back with boots when the rain stops.

Next time: a native with gold foliage…