Spectacular new conifer encyclopedia
Book Bullet: Urban Trees by Steve Cox

Recently published online

Abies koreana cones in the RHS Encyclopedia of Conifers
Goodness! Time flies when you're having fun. But it's time again to set out the work that I've had published online recently, all the titles are linked so that you can hop over and take a look.

Here on my Transatlantic Gardener blog

Doll’s eyes and tulip trees

Our favorite new garden tool of the year

Powerhouse Plant For All Seasons: Polygonatum odoratum var. pluriflorum ‘Variegatum’

Distinctive trees of our local forests

Chinese hosta flowering on an American roadside

Best new plant of the year: Pink Trumpet Vine

The Dead Plant Society meets again

Transatlantic flower awards

British sweet peas for American gardeners

Curiosities of Transatlantic travel

Most popular new plants

Powerhouse Plants For All Seasons: Tiarella 'Mystic Mist'

The Petunia that's an Ipomoea and more botanical fibs

Spectacular new conifer encyclopedia (above, click to enlarge)

In my Royal Horticultural Society series: Ten award-winning plants
Each month I pick ten plants for a particular spot in the garden or with a specific feature in common. All ten plants have been awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

Ten award-winning plants with bold foliage

Ten award-winning shrubs with autumn berries

Ten award-winning yellow daisies

On my Royal Horticultural Society New Plants blog
My twice-a-month choice of some great new plants, recently made available to British gardeners.

Colourful new heleniums from Special Perennials

Viola ‘Teardrops’: New fragrant blend from You Garden

Scabious ‘Little Cracker’: New from Binny Plants

Choisya ‘Royal Lace’: New for containers

‘Gold Dust’ rosemary: New from Norfolk Herbs

Carrot ‘Dara’: Lovely new cut flower

Helleborus x sahinii ‘Winterbells’: A lovely new hellebore hybrid (below. click to enlarge)

Forsythia Gold Mine (‘Mindor’): Compact and prolific

Helleborus x sahinii 'Winterbells': A lovely new hellebore hybrid. Image ©GardenPhotos.com

I hope you enjoy what I think is an intriguing range of blog posts and features.