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Was in hospital, now back home

Well, that was a surprise. Last Sunday morning, March 30th… Sitting at my desk… Chest pain… Heart attack! Off to the hospital in the ambulance… Sirens... Catheterization… Clear the blockage, put in a stent, off to bed for recovery. First twinge to resting in bed: five hours. Prognosis is excellent.

Thank you to the great team at Morristown Medical Center in New Jersey. And thanks, too, to Patrick in the ambulance who distracted me from the grim possibilities with a great story about a bald eagle swooping down, while he and his father-in-law were ice fishing, and stealing their catch which was laid on the ice!

I’ve been back home for a few days now and have just returned from a follow-up visit to the cardiologist who was very positive about my recovery – I just have to follow the rules.

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UPDATE (24 April): Starting today I'm allowed a 25 minute walk every day, I've been increasing it by five minutes a week but still find it (and just about everything else) very tiring. But I'm doing well and slowly getting back to what will be a new normal. Thank you so much for all the good wishes.


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Take care, fellow gardener.


Amazing what they can do now. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Been there, done that, but I'm still pulling weeds rather than pushing them up twenty years later and the plants always come up in the Spring and are just as much of a thrill.I guess these events are a warning usually.------------------------Weedy

Graham Rice

Thanks, everyone. I've just been out for a short walk in the woods and spotted that creeping rhododendron relative Epigea repens growing right in the middle of the trail. Really heartening to be out there, and to see that little gem.


I am sorry to hear of this health set back and hope you are well on your way to a quick and full recovery.

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