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Book Review: Coffee For Roses by C. L. Fornari

Spring and summer

Well, it’s been a tough season so far and that’s why posts here have been rather infrequent. First a heart attack, then acute lyme disease and then complications related to the lyme – I’m sure I’ll be fine in the end but in the meantime, well, not so much. Especially as one of the symptoms of lyme is “brain fog” which seems to permit no higher intellectual activity than watching re-runs of Star Trek: Voyager.

But I’ve now started looking at my not-so-little pile of books waiting for review so starting tomorrow I’ll be posting here about Coffee For Roses by C. L. Fornari followed later by Tweet Of The Day by Brett Westwood and Stephen Moss, The Hillier Manual of Trees and Shrubs from the RHS, Where Do Camels Belong? - The Story and Science of Invasive Species by Ken Thompson as well as four new Plant Lovers' Guides from Timber Press. These are all very tempting books so please so stay tuned, although I have to say posts may still be a little sporadic for a while.


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Fiona Gilsenan

Hope you feel better soon because your transatlantic fans miss you and your writing very much.


Nice to see you posting - hope your return to health is the swiftest it can be

Graham Rice

Thanks for the good wishes,I hope to be posting here every week but I have to say that by 11 in the morning I usually feel like taking a nap! So frustrating!

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