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$20 makes for a pricy perennial

xHeucherella Copper Cascade: retailing at $19.95! Image ©
I’d read about xHeucherella ‘Copper Cascade’ and it sounded wonderful. A small-leaved trailer or ground cover with rosy coppery gold leaves all the year round. It seemed ideal to cover the bare soil around the edge of one of our dark-leaved Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Mindia’ – known as Coppertina in North America and as Diable d’Or in Europe – with its amber shoot tips.

So when I spotted a ‘Copper Cascade’ in a nursery on my way back from cardiac rehab a few weeks back – I immediately put it in the cart. But I should have looked more carefully. OK, it was in an 8in pot, but when I got to the checkout I discovered, to my shock, that the price of this one plant was – $19.99! (plus sales tax). Twenty bucks! I’m glad my creaky heart could take the shock. For Brits that’s £11.73.

Now, over the years, I’ve more than once said here that plants are too cheap but twenty dollars for one Heucherella is just too much. I’m not sure how much the White Flower Farm branding has upped the price - they have to take their cut, after all – but don’t you think that price is a bit steep?

White Flower Farm are not offering ‘Copper Cascade’ on their website, but the related ‘Redstone Falls’ sells for $19.45 (plus $9.95 shipping) (£17.14) in a 3in pot which is even less of a bargain. Almost thirty dollars for one heucherella in a 3in pot…! Come on, be reasonable…
xHeucherella 'Copper Cascade' - you can see why I was tempted. Image ©Terra Nova Nurseries


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WWF has always been ridiculously expensive. I worked at a nursery that sold some WWF plants that were no better than other perennials on the market...they just had the branding.


Crazy! I mean, the leaves are interesting, FOR FOLIAGE, but I don't understand why people are willing to pay so much for heucheras. I wouldn't mind one or two of the newer lime-colored ones, but I'll just have to wait until they come down in price, after the trend has moved on....


You can get these elsewhere for about 10 dollars. Never buy a plant with White Flower Farm tags or from them. They are too high! I've seen Echinacea plants on their site for $19.99. Crazy.

Graham Rice

All three agree that they're just too pricy. Hmmm... Have to say, though, that the packaging that I've received and seen from White Flower Farm has been exceptional

Veronica Martinez

$20 for a perennial is crazy, $30 is madness. Do not buy them, buy locally grown.

Graham Rice

To be fair, there's one reason that this plant should be a little more expensive than all the standard old heucherellas and than many perennials. The price includes a royalty paid to the developer of the plant. This royalty is only a small proportion of the total price and $20 or $30 is still crazy, but it makes a difference. And it's also true that many small local suppliers will not necessarily be able to supply these newest varieties.

Landscaping North Shore

No doubt the price for the x-Heucherella copper cascade is way higher but I still like the new variety that I would use it at ""

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