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Transatlantic Gardener wins Garden Blog Of The Year 2014!!!

Silene dioica 'Graham's Delight' marks my pleasure at winning Garden Blog Of The Year. Image © Ray Brown Plant World Seeds ( a few minutes ago I heard that this blog was named as Garden Blog Of The Year by Britain's Garden Media Guild!

I was not able to be at The Savoy in London to accept the award  - we're in a snowstorm in Pennsylvania - but my old friend Fiona Gilsenan accepted it on my behalf.

It's great to be the winner of an award that's judged by one's peers. Thank you.

UPDATE And in the spirit of my recent post on weird and wondeful plant variety names, here I now present a picture of Silene dioica 'Graham's Delight'! Order seed from Plant World Seeds, where Ray Brown developed it.

Take a look at the press release on my award.

Check out all the other award winners on the Garden Media Guild awards page.

I'd especially like to congratulate the runners up in this year's Garden Blog Of The Year award. Please take a look at their work, you won't be disappointed:

Andrew O'Brien -

Richard Jones -

Michelle Chapman -

David Marsden -


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Jean Stowe

Many congratulations Graham. Your blog gets better and better - it's a well deserved award.



Congrats, I knew you would make something of yourself! Always enjoy your post.

Lisa - Ontario

Congratulations! I understand about the snowstorm, nasty business. I would love to live in England for spring there, and then return to Canada for our spring. Two springs would be fantastic.

Laurie in Vancouver WA

Thank you for writing your wonderful blog. You always educate, inform and entertain. I look forward to perusing each new issue that arrives. Congratulations on this recognition for your very deservedly Award Winning Blog!

Graham Rice

Thank you so much everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!

Genevieve Chadwick

Congratulations to a worthy recipient and thank you for your entertaining, insightful blog.

West Dean Gardens

Congratulations from West Dean Gardens (newbies to blogging).

David Marsden

Well done, Graham and warm congratulations. I hadn't come across your blog before - a worthy winner. David


Congratulations, Graham. Keep up the good blog writing! -Beth


Congratulations Graham - it was great to be able to point Fiona in the organisers' direction on the day just in case she needed to collect an award on your behalf.

As soon as your name went up, I knew she'd be making her way onto the stage :)

PS I'm enjoying reading Judy's 'Bloom Again Orchids'

Jane Perrone

Well done Graham, it's richly deserved - and I say that as a former winner in this category!

Graham Rice

Thanks again for your good wishes, everyone, including former winners!

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