A Tale of Two Corydalis
Powerhouse Plant wins Chelsea Plant Of The Year award

New plants on the Royal Horticultural Society website

As we approach the mass launch of new varieties at this year's Chelsea Flower Show, I just thought you might like to see the new plants I've been writing up over the last few months on my New Plants blog on the Royal Horticultural Society website. Lots of goodies... And news of the newcomers at Chelsea will be here soon.


'Black Truffle': a superb new dark-leaved perennial lobelia

Heavenly (more or less) hardy begonias

A new star Is born: Clematis Astra Nova

New blue-and-white flowered brunnera

New double-flowered Christmas rose (left)

The first golden-leaved pyracantha

Nandina Blush Pink: new for its colourful foliage

World’s first 100% blight resistant tomato

Unique new pastel French marigold (below)